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rick_andreIn 1989, young entrepreneurs André Pearson and Richard Pelletier decide to incorporate their first business Pearson Pelletier Paysagiste. The company was located at their residence and offered services such as landscaping, concrete works, interlocking paving stones installation and support walls.

Demand for concrete related jobs was constantly growing at the time. Hence, the entrepreneurs adapted their business strategy by obtaining a general entrepreneur licence in civil engineering and public roads in 1993.

Now capable of offering services of much bigger scale, the business took a whole new turn. It changed its name to the current name of Pearson Pelletier Enterprises and the entrepreneurs hired highly qualified workers and started a rigorous training program.

In 2003, Pearson Pelletier Enterprises built their headquarters along road 132 in Sainte-Catherines QC, on the south shore of Montreal.

The origin of the logo is simple. In fact, it represents the letter P in a curb that unifies with a sidewalk. This represents the main expertise of the business and the names of the owners.logo_historique

Always seeking to provide services at the state of the art, the company has countless heavy equipments and a curbing machine to maximise efficiency. Its innovative way of thinking and strategy makes Pearson Pelletier Enterprises a competitor that stands out of the crowd. The business now includes three branches; a construction company, a transportation company and a telecommunications company.